You start off with a flashlight, some food and batteries, as well as a simple melee weapon. You can find more items and weapons by scavenging, visiting stores, and killing enemies. All players have the following resources:

Health - When it runs out you pass out for 2 minutes. Stamina - Lets you sprint for a few seconds.

Hunger - You have to eat. When hungry, you'll do half damage and can't sprint.

Exp - Lets you level up. Gain 30 levels to unlock new abilities and get various passive effects. You'll be able to gain exp by scavenging or killing monsters and enemies.

Money - Lets you buy things at stores.

Batteries - Powers your flashlight. Calico is very dark, so you'll need a flashlight. Without batteries, your flashlight only shines at 25% power.

Ammo - Needed for guns. Ammo and guns are very rare.

Specializations & SkillsEdit

The player would get to select one specialization tree, but can pick improvements from any trees (max 5 points per tier). 

Lv Hunter  Brute  Ghostwalker Mender Engineer
Abil 1 (LV5) Focused Attack

15 sec
Increases critical hit chance by 100% for your next attack. Lasts 15 seconds.


15 sec
Completely blocks a single attack. Lasts 5 seconds.

Gather Shadows

2 min
Surrounds you in a smoke cloud for 15 seconds. While clouded,  you cannot attack or be attacked and are invisible to NPCs.


10 sec
Restores 20% HP on your target, or yourself if you don't have a target.


10 min cooldown
Summons a portable dispenser that restores some food, and batteries for players who interact with it.

Lv 5-9 Critical Hit (0/5)
Gives you a 1.5% chance of a critical hit when attacking. A critical hit will do double damage.
Enrage (0/5)

Taking damage increases damage done by 3% for 10 seconds.

Ghost (0/5)
Reduces the distance that you are detected by monsters by 10% fron the front, 20% from behind, and reduces damage taken from players outside melee range by up to 5% based on range.
Smiting (0/5)

Your weapons deal an additional 4% damage against monsters.

Tactician (0/5)

Traps set by you deal an additional 5% damage.

Abil 2 (LV10) Whirlwind Cut

30 sec
Deals 150% melee damage to all targets in front of you within MELEE_RANGE.

Counterattack (0/5)
5 min
Makes you reflect all damage taken for 10 seconds back on the attacker.

8 sec
Deals 2x weapon damage. Can only be used behind a target within MELEE_RANGE. Requires melee weapon.


1.5 min
Instead of dealing damage, your attacks will heal your player target (or yourself if there is no player target) for 100% of the damage caused. Lasts 15 seconds.

Booby Trap

2 Min
Booby traps your dispenser. If any player (other than you) interacts with it, the dispenser will explode and deal 80 damage to everyone within MELEE_RANGE*3.

Lv 10-14 Weapon Mastery (0/5)

Guns are 20% faster to reload and all gun accuracy is increased by 10. And melee weapons deal 2% more damage.

Health (0/5)

Increases total health by 10.

Opportunity (0/5)

Increases damage done when attacking from behind by 3%.

Regenerate (0/5)
You regenerate 1% of your total HP every 5 sec.
Replication (0/5)

Gives you a 5% chance for your gun not to consume a bullet.

Lv 15-19 Weaken (0/5)

Hitting an enemy with a melee weapon siphons 3% of their total stamina.

Dodge (0/5)
Gives you a 3% chance to dodge an attack.
Avoidance (0/5)

Gives you an increased 4% dodge chance while sprinting.

Well Being (0/5)

Hunger increases 20% slower, and you can sprint 10% longer.

Fuel Cells (0/5)

Increases flashlight battery duration by 50%.

Abil 3 (LV20) Weaken Armor

30 sec
Weaken an enemy's armor, increasing their damage taken by 20% for 15 seconds. MELEE_RANGE


1 sec
Your next attack deals 300% extra damage. Can only be used after a successful block.


10 sec
Deals 5x weapon damage. Can only be used behind a target not locked in combat within MELEE_RANGE. Requires melee weapon.


40 sec CD
Makes your next Mend restore 50% HP or your next attack deal 500% extra damage, whichever happens first.

Sentry Gun

5 Min
Summons a sentry to automatically attack any enemies withing MELEE_RANGE*3. The sentry also provides cover.

Lv 20-24 Bloodthirst (0/5)

Melee attacks have a 2% chance of restoring 5% of your total HP.

Dominating (0/5)

Killing or KO-ing a player or monster instantly restores 10% of your total HP.

Reflexes (0/5)

Gives you a 15% chance to not set off traps that you walk over.

Second Chance (0/5)
An attack that would normally kill you instantly restores 5% of your total HP. Can only occur every 3 min.
Safekeeping (0/5)

Gives you a 20% chance to be unlootable when you pass out.

Lv 25-30 Aimed Shots (0/5)

Headshots on players deal 5% more damage. Leg-shots and hits on NPCs reduces their movement speed for a 1 second.

Knockdown (0/5)

Melee attacks have a 1% chance to stun your target for 2 seconds.

Nimble (0/5)

Falling damage and speed reduction from falling is reduced by 10%. And let you jump 10% higher.

Awakening (0/5)

Lowers the passed-out time by 10%

Static Energy (0/5)

Successful attacks restore 1% of your battery power. 

Abil 4 (LV30) Ravage

15 sec
Deals 200% melee damage and heals you for 50% of the damage caused.

15 sec
Instantly take down an enemy with less than 20% of your total HP.

10 sec
Surrounds your target's legs in tendrils, preventing them from moving for 3 seconds. Damage caused will break this effect.


2 min
Makes you invulnerable for 10 seconds, regenerating 50% of your total HP. When hit, your target will be stunned for 6 seconds and 200% of the attack will be reflected back at them. You cannot attack while invulnerable.


15 sec
Your flashlight now has a built in tazer. Using this ability deals up to 300% weapon damage and stuns up to 3 seconds depending on your flashlight battery power. Consumes 20% battery power when used.