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Calico is an experimental sim game in Second Life. Created in part by JasX. Keep in mind it's still early in development, so everything is likely to change.

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  • new page Jas To Do
    created by Jukkz
    New page: Add interactability. Standardized naming convention HUD popups Hotkeys Experiment with soundspaces Add sprinting Add player resources HP Energy...
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    Edited the section: Welcome to the Town of Calico, Mississippi
  • new page Useable Items
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    New page: Useable items are items that can be used from your inventory, but unlike consumeables they are not consumed. Here are some suggestions. Lighter -...
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  • edit Crafting
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  • new page Crafting
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    New page: We'd like to have a simple crafting system. This would let you create things like traps, health kids, food etc. As well as upgrade your weapons.
  • new page Crafting Materials
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    New page: These are items that can be used in crafting. We're currently messing around with this section, so it's most likely to change a lot. Metal Scraps...
  • new page Consumables
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    New page: Consumable items are one time use items. Ideas for consumables: Food - Heals a lil HP, makes you less hungry. Energy drinks can restore stamina....
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